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Ninalik Ndawi (Freedom Song) CD

The Lani Singers are husband and wife, Benny and Maria Wenda. They grew up in a remote central highland region of West Papua where the Lani people reside.

Recorded over a two year period, the collection of songs that make up the Wenda family's debut album reflect the exceptional journey that the Lani Singers have made. Steeped in the rich history of Lani music while embodying a powerful message, these songs encompass the purest emotions of love, pain, joy and hope. They ensure a lasting legacy for a people whose future appears more perilous now than at any time in history.

The Guardian newspaper described the album as "a gently haunting, rhythmic set that results from a remarkable personal story, and a little-reported struggle."

15 tracks. Duration: 41 min. Producer: Engin Hassan

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