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Conservation Refugees book

Conservation Refugees book

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“Conservation Refugees” is a poignant examination of the tumultuous relationship between the world’s largest conservation organizations and indigenous peoples. Its core question: Why are these two groups in conflict with each other, when they both have the same common goal to protect the environment? The answer lies in the forced evictions of indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands by the big conservation organizations, and their lack of any collaboration or consultation with local stakeholders on matters of conservation. Dowie reasons that any serious strategies for effective conservation in the future must involve cooperation between the big organizations and local indigenous peoples.

Praise for “Conservation Refugees:”

“As a journalist, Mark Dowie has always been a few steps ahead of the pack, and with Conservation Refugees he's once again staked out a difficult and fascinating terrain: the indigenous peoples that, all the way back to the founding of Yosemite, have been invisible or worse to the conservation movement. A vision of wilderness that makes no place for people has long held sway in environmental circles, but there are signs it is coming to an end—and not a moment too soon. Dowie's book advances the critical work of developing a new, more encompassing vision of nature, which makes it one of the most important contributions to conservation in many years.”
Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food

Paperback | 376 pages
152 x 22 x 229mm | 499g
MIT Press

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