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Tribal Peoples

‘Tribal peoples for tomorrow’s world’ is written by Survival International’s Director Stephen Corry and published by Freeman Press. This ground-breaking new book draws on Corry’s unrivalled 40 years’ experience promoting tribal peoples’ right to self-determination.

The treatment of indigenous and tribal peoples – the world’s largest minority – is a major humanitarian issue. It shapes world history and raises profound questions about what it really means to be human. This book explains who these people are, how they live, why governments hate them, and why their disappearance is far from inevitable.

Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth says, ‘This book makes the case that we’ve far more to learn from tribal peoples than we have to teach them. It’s compelling stuff.’

Artist Damien Hirst agrees: ‘This book is a refreshingly original approach to who tribal peoples really are and the startling contribution they make.’

Anthropologist Hugh Brody says, ‘Corry has devoted his lifetime of energy and intelligence to the cause of tribal peoples. He offers an astonishing wealth of knowledge and a multitude of insight in language that is clear and yet impassioned. Here is a book that is both fun and luminous’,

‘A book everyone must read – powerful stories of the harsh realities of both assimilation and rejection of our peoples and our struggles around the world’. Jolene Ashini, Innu.

‘Corry is a liar, devil and loose cannon.’ Botswana government ministers (evicting Bushmen from their lands).

‘Tribal peoples for tomorrow’s world’ challenges many popular assumptions about tribal people and is a must-read for anyone interested in this field.

Paperback, 303 pages. Freeman Press.

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Price £8.00


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